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The latest Bridgette B video update will definitely cheer you up, cause she always is offering you the best way to brighten your day! She always finds the beauty in everything, no matter with whom is she or where. Like today, with her newest conquering from the club, cause last night she put her eyes on a good looking guy, but this time she wanted to be different, she didn’t wanted to fuck with this guy from the first night because she wanted something more and she wanted to be perfect when they will first have sex. So she got herself ready to receive him at her place, getting herself ready for this long night that it was planned.

She got some sexy lingerie on, just to be sure that he was truly into her, not that he wasn’t, until now. Just wait and see how awesome this night will be, how they are going to have the time of their lives and how is she going to finally get that pussy hammering that she was waiting for since they first met! I wonder how she could wait for such a long time to fuck with him, knowing what kind of slut she is! Gotta see this impressive fucking session with your own eyes, to make sure you will see all of her tricks in bed and how is she going to have her tight pussy deeply shoved by that colossal tool of his! That’s quite impressive, just like the videos from the BangBoat website. See you soon,friends!


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Bridgette B Video from Naughty America

One of my most loved porn stars, Bridgette B is back in town to show some of her dance new moves at a stripping club. I’m definitely going to see her massive boobies, but not quite over there;  I mean not with all of those freaking peasants. Absolutely no, Bridgette is goint to meet me actually in my personal room, at the hotel I’m staying. My nice and lovely hotel room. Precisely how? In fact, I have paid a lot of money for it. And I’ve taken care of her, paying quite an amount of cash. Which means that I am going to get my own, personal tiny party with Bridgette B. and her substantial tits, not to point out the super sexy outfit that I sent her and I have asked her to take.

And trust me, this just isn’t going to be another striptease jerking off session. Absolutely no, this particular room here is definitely the sparkling wine room, and we will be raising our glasses for at least the next few hours in a row. You gotta see these erotic scenes with your own eyes, to watch Bridgette getting exactly what she is needing for, a super hot proper pounding! She is going to get her pussy fucked so hard that at least for a few weeks she won’t needed to fuck anymore! Have a great time enjoying this Bridgette B video scene! Don’t forget to come back for more hammering session, tomorrow and the next day too! Or maybe you wanna watch some vintage sex videos, so if you do check out the site and have fun!


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Bridgette B HD – Rough Sex from Naughty America

Bridgette B would like so very badly to attend her husband’s music show tonight, but she regrets so much to explain to him that she can’t make it there just because of some issues that have just show up. However she doesn’t actually like the thought of all those groupie slutty chicks pining for him and seeking to grope him at the gig, so the naughty spouse with big boobs makes the decision that it’s better to offer her hubby exactly what he wants before he will take off — her skilled mouth and her nice lips around his big fat dick, and an awesome fuck which you can follow! Show definitely must go on! Just look at her, how unbelievable she is when she decides to spread her legs for you!

She is definitely the kind of babe that makes all the dreams and wishes come true, cause she knows how to please a big fat cock. You have to see her making these unique moves with her pussy hole, it’s like she is doing kegel on her hubby! She is so amazing when she is pressing that cock with her pubis, she really knows what she is doing over there, pleasing her husband without any very great effort! She will get her other holes stuffed too, but that’s what you will see on your own, I don’t wanna spoil things out for you! Have fun and don’t forget to come back tomorrow, for more Bridgette B hd videos! Until then you can visit sexy Bobbi Eden‘s blog and watch another gorgeous blonde getting her tight cunt fucked!bridgette-b-hd-naughty-america

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Classroom Fuck

This horny student would like to go to the math international competition right in Spain that is being financed by the Professor Bridgette B class, however when he informs her that he would like to go she will start laughing. She is showing him one of his current examination grades — an F — and she is telling him that he is pretty much nowhere close to the quality and reliability of a student that might be allowed to take part on the math competition. However, it seems like this naughty student  gets to be very convincing, particularly when he’s rubbing down his favorite teacher’s huge tits and he is declaring that that he can also help her in return, with her desires … by eating all of her succulent pink pussy right over there, on the desk.

You gotta see this amazing fucking treatment that is going to occur in that class, cause Bridgette is definitely going to teach this naughty student how the thing has to be done. She is very skilled for that, she definitely is worth being a teacher, cause she has that patience and the commitment and the determination to teach other what to do. If you will have the chance to see this video till the end, you will get to see how these two will fuck right there, on the desk and on the floor too and of course, how they are going to be caught exactly when he cums all over her! For similar material, check out some Destiny Dixon hardcore videos and see another beauty getting her tight holes stuffed!naughty-america-slutty-teacher



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Bridgette B & Bill Bailey on Naughty America

Bridgette B went together with her beloved husband to a business travel and both of them are staying at Bill’s place, on of his long time friends. Whilst her hubby was at the office, she will find good looking Bill lying down on the sofa and regales him with nice stories and details of her and her other half’s open relationship. In reality, she is aware that he and her hubby have shagged lots of babes at Bill’s place often times before, the good news is that now it’s Bridgette the one who wants to have this kind of fun … with Bill! He has got a huge dick and she has big titties … that may only mean a very hot, sweaty, naughty time!

You gotta see this amazing video, from the very beginning till the end, cause Bridgette is going to do a lot of kinky things with Bill Bailey around here, until her hubby gets back, so you gotta pay attention to this naughty movie and see how she likes to get this new cock deeply shoved into her tight pussy! She will be pleased not just once, cause several times by this colossal tool, so check this out right away! There will be a few surprises every now and then too, but that’s only because you deserve it, for being such a great fan and follower! Wanna see how a pussy will pretty much eat the entire huge cock? You are in the right place to be, for that! If you liked this scene check out blog and watch another blonde beauty getting naked in front of the cam!


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Bridgette B Fucked By Johnny Castle

I guess this is every guy’s fantasy! To fuck two big fat boobies! Or, at least, I guess it’s one of the most naughty things ever, to shove your tool between two immense tits and stuff it there on and on. It’s way much better than a jerk off, at least. Bridgette B will do that for Johnny Castle, she will let him stuff his tool between her amazingly huge breasts. Oh, that’s so fucking erotic! Just look at this video and you will be hard in just a few minutes, cause it’s freakin awesome! Only the feel of that boobies next to your cock and it’s mind blowing! After warming up in such a great manner, Johnny will get to stuff his colossal tool into Bridgette’s pussy too, cause the boobies are phenomenal but not enough.

He will shove his huge fat cock there, pushing it as deep as he can, to ruin that pussy hole for good. Just take a look at Bridgette how naughty she is now, riding that fat cock. At least she’s getting what she wants it! She had an annoying trembling in her pussy since she woke up this morning and she knew that until she won’t fuck, that trembling will keep bothering her, cause it was like her pussy’s yelling for fuck! I’m very pleased to offer you such an incredible hammering session, just for your viewing pleasure! And this is not just a regular fucking, as you will surely see! If you liked this scene visit blog and enjoy watching other slutty ladies jerking off bog dicks!bridgette-and-johnny-naughty-america-fuck bridgette-and-johnny-naughty-america

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Bridgette and Anthony Rosano on Naughty America

Bridgette B likes to fuck day and night, she adores all the cocks ever, no matter how black or white they are, or their measurement, she loves them all. Of course that she agreed Anthony Rosano’s invitation to come over at his place, for a special treatment. It wasn’t their first fucking session together, so they really got along and skipped the boring parts like the small talk and shit, cause they both wanted to jump straight to bed. She didn’t even got the chance to take off her bra, at first, cause he was there, with his cock, at her pussy. But she needed to be a little bit wet for that colossal tool, so he got down on his knees and pushed his tongue into her vagina, stuffing it there on and on, rubbing her clit with his tongue. bridgette-b-naughty-america-fuck She felt like there’s nothing else in the world, better than this, it was simply amazing! Just take a look at this two, in this naughty video! Aren’t they hot how they fuck just like they never did before? Anthony really adores to shove his immense tool into that tight pussy, just check out how he is pushing it there! That is not all of it, so I guess you need a little more hardcore fucking and for that, I invite you to watch this amazing update. There will be a lot of incredible stuff going on there, so you gotta see all of it now! For similar scenes check out the free hushpass porn videos and watch other beauties fucking!

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Bridgette B – Hardcore Sex from Reality Kings

Bridgette B really knows how to have a great time, no matter where she is. For example, she went on a cruise with her friends, but the only thing she could do was to look after some good looking guys, to see who is in the mood to fuck, cause she definitely was. Like always. So, after everybody met on the deck, she started to flirt with everybody around there, even to make different kind of proposal. One of them was truly attracted by this naughty blonde who is looking just like sexy Kelly Madison so he asked her to come inside, meet each other better. Of course they were both aware what is going to happen into that room, so they started to make out, without any further introduction.bridgette-b-reality-kings-fuckThere was no time for such a crap, for small talk, cause both of them were truly attracted to each other, so their clothes jumped all around that room. Bridgette is definitely a cougar in bed, specially when it comes to guys so gifted like this guy, cause his tool was incredibly huge, just like she needed so much. You will have to see this video, but entirely, cause you’ll get to see how she is going to ride that tool, on an on, how is she going to stuff it deep into her wet pussy. Where the heck is so much room in there, for such an immense cock? She really must be lubed, otherwise there is no way a cock as big is this will enter in such a tight spot!

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Bridgette – Hot and Solo

I really hope you are ready for a new Bridgette B update! For this time, Bridgette is going to impress you with her sizzling hot body and her massive boobies that will expose in front of you. Even though she is home alone tight now and her friends and buddies are all away, she never gets to be bored or something, cause she always finds something to do, even is she is only by herself. For example, she watched TV until she got bored and felt like there was a tiny trembling between her legs. A very naughty one, cause soon enough she started to touch her wet muffin with her fingers, going all the way through her erect clit and rubbing it on and on, until her nipples got so hard and pointy that she could feel them being like that.

She loves to expose herself like that, to press her giant boobies with her hands and to go around her body with her fingers! She looks so hot taking care of that muffin of hers that no one could resist! I have to warn you, the following scenes are going to be burning hot so you have to take care cause you might get hurt or at least you might get very very hot, but I guess you will like that! Enjoy the next scenes with Bridgette  and see her playing with that sweet pussy of hers, finger fucking herself like a mad person! She looks so nasty! If you liked this cutie check out website and enjoy watching other busty babes massaging their phenomenal juggs!


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Bridgette B – Jizz Fest from Reality Kings

Bridgette B adores to have fun and also to take care of huge cocks, just like this one, her friend’s hard tool. Just because she is a sex expert doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to be pleased as well, it’s just that she likes to take care first about the man, only after that she is taking care of her or she will let somebody else to. I bet you are craving to see the latest impressive updates with this sizzling hot babe, so take your favorite seat and enjoy this specific update, to see exactly what is she going to do with this guy or better said, with this guy’s cock. As soon as she found herself bent down on her knees, she shoved that colossal tool into her mouth, rushing to munch it, cause her mouth was so hungry for a cock!

She is going to shove that massive tool down her throat and start to lick it, but not before she will take care of the balls, just the way he loves too. She is definitely going to eat that tool so you should be happy to be so lucky and watch the entire scene. Cause she will let you see how she will end up having a huge load of cum spread all over her face and her tits! She doesn’t mind, on the contrary, she even likes it to have cum all over, cause she adores the spunk taste! If u liked this scene check out blog and watch other stunning chicks sucking and fucking! Also you might enter the mile high media site and see other sexy babes sucking cocks!


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